Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Thursday!

I cannot express how excited and nervous I am for Kk's wedding this weekend. I cannot wait to get on the plane and get home and see everyone. I cannot wait to stand at her side as she marries the most perfect man in all the world for her. I just cannot wait!

But enough about that, lets talk about the wedding tip of the week.

Weddings, as I mentioned last week, are stressful and difficult to coordinate. There are flowers to order, cakes to design, tuxes to rent, bridesmaids to dress and the list goes on. No couple should ever have to plan their wedding alone.

Now I am not saying that everyone needs to fork up their hard earned cash for a wedding planner. All you really need are friends to help you along the way.

So find a friend that is good with pastry to help you figure out how you want your cake to look then give her a budget to go and order the cake. You'll have the final say so on price and look but you will be able to skip the shopping around part. Give your bridesmaids a picture of what kind of dress you want them to wear and let them shop for the best match. Have a flower party to help decide what flowers you want.

All of these little things will help along the way and help renew your friendships that you will need after you get married. (You can't spend all your time with one person!)

Well that's all for now. Ttfn!

Weight loss tip of the day: When travelling, pack your own food.

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