Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Take my own advise? Really?

Yesterday, I went to the mall with my suitemates after work instead of heading back to the suites to eat at social hour like we normally do. I was good with my main meal in that I had my new usual subway sandwich of turkey on wheat with light light light mayo, lettuce, cucumber and green peppers. I also got some baked lays. If I had stopped there, everything would have been great but did I? No...

This is why having an eating plan is key to losing weight (as Weightwatchers tells me and now I believe).

I had a delicious brownie batter blizzard at Dairy Queen. It was divine! It was chocolaty. It was everything I wanted right then.

It was 16 points.

My daily allowance is 27.

I think that I should stay away from Dairy Queen for awhile until I can control my impulses and buy something that WON'T make me gain ten pounds just by looking at it.

Yesterday I also went to Kk's bridal shower via webcam. That was interesting to say the least. But I got to see Kk and Stephen and my sister, Annie.

Well I guess that is all for this morning. Gotta go to work eventually. Ttfn!

Weight loss tip of the day : No, really, have a plan

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  1. cool can do it. Just have a make sure you plan to have some yummy cake...on my wedding.