Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thank Goodness it's Thursday

Today is my last working day for the week and I am excited to have such a busy day. As I mentioned before, I am working near DC on an internship and we get tomorrow off for the Fourth of July holiday since the 4th falls on a Saturday.

Today I have a meeting with the T-shirt committee and a seminar and a social. All of these events deal are sponsored by the program I am in.

But enough about that. Let's talk weddings!

From personal experience with other people's weddings (I'm only 20 and am not yet married), I know that planning a wedding can be extremely difficult. I think the way to avoid a lot of stress and heartache is to use a technique I learned while doing complicated chemical engineering homework: Start early and stay organized. So this week's wedding tip deals with being organized.

First, invest in a wedding planner binder. It doesn't have to be expensive but you should get one that is large enough. Also, you will want a calendar so either get a binder with a calendar or buy a calendar you can put in your binder.

Next, get some dividers to put in said binder. To keep yourself organized, break up the wedding into parts. For example, those parts could be guests (invites, rsvps, thank you notes), flowers (All things related to flowers including boutonnieres) , dresses and tuxes (Yours included) and contracts (cake, venue, minister).

Finally, USE IT. Keep things organized in the binder and write down all dates and appointments in the calendar. Don't just stick things in willy-nilly and write things down on random scrap paper.

I hope this helps you when you plan your wedding. Ttfn!

Weight loss tip: If you eat in moderation, nothing is off limits

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