Monday, July 20, 2009

Well then

I may have been slightly bad these past few days but now I am back.

The past week has been ultra busy. I saw the movie Moon. I didn't get much done at work. I did laundry and stayed up late with friends. I made a cheesecake from scratch!

But this past weekend was the best of all.

On Friday, I and a bunch of friends from work got together and made chicken tacos (and soy tacos for my vegetarian friend) while watching The Matrix. We also made a cheesecake.

Then I woke up early on Saturday and donned my swimsuit for the beach! I had never seen the ocean before and I don't know if I can describe how beautiful it is. Or salty. It isn't like in movies with the water lazily lapping on the beach. The ocean is a power beast that attacks the sand and tosses it about. Swimming in the ocean was tons of fun and very exhausting. The waves push and pull you about and it takes some practice before you can get out past where the waves break. You have to be careful of things like jellyfish, the people in front of you and all the things you can kick in the ocean. All in all, I hurt my toes, got kicked in the face and was mysteriously cut on the nose.

I spent about three hours in and around the water. The waves were too rough for me as the tide started coming in so I decided to go lay on the sand and enjoy the sun. Two hours later, I am well rested and very burned but it was all worth it.

Then we went back to the suites and ate a bit of cheesecake before going to sleep. I didn't sleep well because my hurt foot spent the entire night making me uncomfortable but I did get up for church. After church, I had more movies and more cheesecake.

Then I weighed myself.

Let me recap the last four weigh-ins, 208 lbs, 209 lbs, 209 lbs, 210 lbs

I weighed in at 203 lbs!

That was just the icing on the cake of a wonderful weekend.

Ttfn everyone!

Weight-loss tip of the day: Don't get discouraged by plateaus. Push through them!

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  1. Way to go...I bet it was the excersing with the waves of the ocean that did it...So excited for you.