Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Family

Today, I read my best friend's blog and she talked all about her family so I guess it is my turn.

Now, hold on, kids. It's gonna be one long, bumpy ride.

My parents met while working at a factory, which is what many young people do in Indiana. My grandfather approved and they got married when my oldest sister was still very young (My oldest sister was born when my mother was very young and is my half sister). They have been married nearly 30 years and are still very much in love. My mother, however, has been very sick for a long time but it seems that she will pull through even though she won't ever quite be the same. My father has stuck by her through it all. My father works as a design engineer and graduated from Purdue.

I have two sisters and one brother. Adam Jay, or AJ for short, is the youngest at 14. He is EXTREMELY tall, pushing 6'1" and still growing. He is in junior high and is working hard on his classes. AJ has ADHD and is nonmedicated as he has hit puberty and brain drugs don't work well (and can even cause more harm) at that age. In spite of that, this last semester, AJ made the honor roll. I am so proud of him and I know that he will do well. AJ loves drawing and playing with computers and History.

My older sister, Annie, is 22 and is married to Tony. They got married 2 years ago. Annie is three years older than me and when we were young, we used to fight all the time. But now that we are older we get along much better. I love Annie dearly and her husband is amazing. Right now, she is pregnant and due in August. She is extra cute with her pregnant belly and short stature. On Saturday, I'll get to see her. I can't wait for that either. Tony is a tall man of color and he and Annie met while they were working at Pizza Hut. He is a good man and I know he'll take good care of my sister... or else.

My oldest sister, Shellie, 11 years older than me and is my half sister. She married her husband, Jason, when she was very young. They are both deaf and together have had three hearing kids and one deaf kid. From oldest to youngest, they are Austin, Ethan (deaf), Sammie, and Devin. They are sweet sweet kids but I don't always get to see them very often. I am not able to sign and have a hard time communicating with Shellie, Jason and Ethan but I try anyway. As Ethan gets older, I hope he understands that I am trying and that I love him. Austin was born only a year or so after Adam and they are close.

My mother has three sisters and my father has two sisters. On my father's side, his sisters have been married for a long time. I have six cousins on my father's side. My mothers side is the opposite and they have been wildly unstable so I don't count many uncles on that side as my uncle. Except Uncle Terry, my Aunt Janna's new husband, because he is awesomely wonderful and the whole family loves him. I have nine cousins on my mothers side with two sort of cousins by marriage.

My family is large but I love them all, even when they are fighting.

Well ttfn!

Weight loss tip of the day: Take the stairs, walk if you can, offer to hold other people's groceries. The little things will can make a big difference.

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  1. Holy smokes I only talked about my nieces and nephews.